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Launch-Hardened Deploy and Docking Mechanism (LDDM) is an all-in-one reusable, launch-hardened satellite deployment and re-docking mechanism family that enables on-orbit refueling, satellite upgrades, and inspection/servicing missions for spacecraft. Proven rugged V-band hard capture actuated by a reusable electromechanically driven fastener enables LDDM to launch satellites docked. 
A robust soft-capture mechanism enables repeated separation, berthing, docking, and deployment with large misalignment capability and variable deployment velocities.

launch hardened deploy and docking mechanism mounted on satellite


  • Satellite Launch Separation

  • In-Space Refueling

  • In-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing

  • Persistent Platforms

  • Satellite Upgrades

  • Hosting of Inspection/Repair Satellites, Scientific Payloads

  • Deorbiting/EOL Management

  • Satellite Systems of Systems

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