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Whether it's between engineering fields, business, the arts, or nature, breakthroughs occur at intersections. This is where we live.

Apech Labs, which stands for Applied Mechatronics Laboratories, was founded in 2020.  We are focused on developing advanced mechatronics solutions to solve the hardest problems in a variety of markets.


Innovation is in our DNA. Our experience includes dozens of successful product development cycles in the space, aerospace, defense, and energy markets. We employ a fast and flexible development mindset to solve problems. This starts with truly understanding the need, identifying multiple ways to solve the problem, and constantly iterating until an elegant solution is found.

We are a U.S.-based small business participating in the Western New York Incubator Network. We reside in the University at Buffalo Incubator @ Baird. We are ITAR compliant and DDTC registered. 

Partnering with the incubator network and UB connects us to a premier local research institution, as well as their associated facilities and people. Additionally, we are well connected to Buffalo-based industry partners, including those in the aerospace and manufacturing fields.

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